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Podcast: Pupil at Herne Bay High school collapses after puffing on vape laced with synthetic drug Spice

A Kent head teacher’s issued a warning after a pupil collapsed shortly after using a vape that had been spiked with a deadly synthetic drug.

In a letter sent to parents it says the teenager had just finished classes for the day at Herne Bay High and had been handed the vape by another  youngster.

Also in today’s podcast, Operation Brock has been put in place on the M20 ahead of the Easter Holidays.

The contraflow system between Maidstone and Ashford allows for lorries to be parked on the motorway if there are delays getting across the Channel at Dover.

A Folkestone man who spent 26 years in prison for a murder he says he didn’t commit has told the podcast he’ll keep fighting to prove his innocence.

Paul Cleeland was convicted of shooting his friend following a fight in 1972.

Questions have since been raised about evidence presented at his trial – but appeals to clear his name have failed. Mr Cleeland has been speaking to reporter Sean Axtell.

Could a town on the Isle of Sheppey become a tax-free haven like Monaco?

A local historian had been hoping so after discovering an ancient document which excluded Queenborough residents from paying legal tariffs – including duty on wine.

A public inquiry’s under way as campaigners near Maidstone try to save a piece of former farmland from being built on.

Developers are looking to put more than 400 homes on the former Bunyards Farm in Allington – but people living nearby want it to be given protected village green status.

As we mark World Rewilding Day, we’ve been taking a look at some of the conservation work done by animal parks in Kent.

The Aspinall Foundation specialises in reintroducing rare and endangered species and protecting habitats.