Podcast: Residents of Ashford apartments paying for an “inefficient” green energy system that has heat pouring out the pipes

People living in a new-build block of flats in Ashford say its “inefficient” green energy system is making their bills much higher than they should be.

Residents say the building is always boiling hot and they would never have moved in had they known how much they would have been forking out for heating – including covering payments missed by their neighbours.

Also in today’s podcast, residents fear their village between Ashford and Canterbury could be turned into a “concrete jungle” after swathes of land were put forward for new homes in the area.

They’ve launched a campaign to save the site from developers over concerns the number of houses in the green belt could double. 

The owner of a popular seafood restaurant in Tunbridge Wells says the property has been up for sale since he bought it 17 years ago.

The town centre venue has been operating since the early 1980s and is listed as the third best place for seafood in the area on TripAdvisor.

You can hear from the Kent Wildlife Trust who are urging election candidates to make climate issues one of their top priorities.

They say things strong stances on protecting nature, tackling water pollution and encouraging sustainable farming are some of the main things voters care about. 

And a Kent couple who posted a clip on social media playfully describing their life after having moved in with family in Herne Bay have gone viral. 

It’s been viewed 14 million views times – striking a chord with the increasing number of twenty-and thirty-somethings ending up back under Mum and Dad’s roof.