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Podcast: Sheerness man Tasered and punched by police who entered his home unlawfully

A man who was Tasered and punched by police who unlawfully entered his home has spoken about the ordeal.

Bob White was trying to stop his property from being repossessed but was arrested on suspicion of affray.

Hear the moment officers got into the house and how Mr White hopes he now gets a formal apology.

Also in today’s podcast, a week after P&O ferries between Dover and Calais were suspended and nearly 800 workers sacked without notice – the boss of the company has told MPs he would do the same thing again.

Peter Hebblethwaite has been giving evidence to a committee – hear his responses to some of their questions.

£400,000 has been seized by police following raids on a number of homes in Kent.

It follows a lengthy investigation into complex fraud and drug supply.

It’s a month since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and we’ve been getting an update from a Maidstone man who’s been delivering aid.

And, we’ve been inside the world’s first purpose built multi-storey skate park which is due to open in Folkestone next month.

Hear from the team behind it and the architect who came up with the design.