Podcast: Sian Hedges and Jack Benham found guilty of murdering toddler Alfie Phillips in caravan near Faversham

A mum and her former boyfriend have been found guilty of murdering her toddler son at a caravan near Faversham.

Alfie Phillips was found to have 70 injuries including broken bones when he died in Hernhill in November 2020. Police have reacted to the verdict outside court.

Also in today’s podcast, the man who founded the Oasis group says the recent strike action by some teachers at a troubled school on Sheppey is heartbreaking.

Staff at the academy sites in Minster and Sheerness have taken to the picket line over safety fears because of student behaviour. We’ve been speaking to Steve Chalke.

Funding to local youth services is set to be cut – as council bosses have voted in favour of bringing in a one-stop-shop for help and support.

Family Hubs will bring multiple services all under one roof, but they will divert money away from existing groups. 

Elderly people living in a tower block in Herne Bay say they’ve been left “freezing cold” after waiting six weeks for the heating to be fixed.

Many residents at the St Anne’s Court retirement complex have health conditions which can be made worse by the chilly weather.

World leaders are gathering in Dubai for the start of the Cop28 climate conference.

It’s been described as a “milestone moment” as we take stock of progress on the Paris Agreement from 2015. We’ve been catching up with  adventure activist Kate Strong who’s been in the county.

And finally, this is one of our more unusual stories – we’ve been chatting to a man who can often be seen walking down Rochester High Street – with a duck on his shoulder.

58-year-old Mark Colyer and his birds, Dog and Goldie are also regularly spotted in the castle grounds, and even at the pub.