Podcast: Sittingbourne woman’s shock as fiancé turns out to be a paedophile

A Sittingbourne woman has been telling us about the horror of discovering her fiancé was a paedophile just days after the birth of their baby girl.

Amy looked through his phone while he was asleep because she thought he might be cheating on her.

Also in today’s episode, a family home in Faversham has been badly damaged in a huge fire.

Seven fire engines were called after it broke out overnight, completely destroying the roof of a property.

Climate activists have interrupted a speech by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer in Gillingham.

He was setting out plans to reform education and boost the prospects of working class children.

Hundreds of stone tools dating back to the Ice Age have been found during an excavation in the Medway Valley.

Hear from the senior archaeologist who helped uncover these fascinating discoveries.

And, a couple who spent thousands of pounds searching for their cat which went missing the day before their wedding have finally been reunited with her.

Honey stowed away in a van and ran away while Alice and Alex were taking decorations to the venue in Detling.