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Podcast: Tables overturned and fans storm stage at Margate’s Dreamland following England’s win over Germany at Euro2020

Tables and benches were overturned and fans, some with flares, stormed the stage at Margate’s Dreamland following England’s victory over Germany at Euro2020.
Around 800 people had gathered at the amusement park to watch the game on a large screen.
Hear supporters reaction after the game ended 2-0.
We’ve also been speaking to a leading music industry boss who isn’t happy that football supporters can meet in groups and chant and sing, but festivals have been cancelled and venues still can’t put on gigs.
In today’s podcast you can also hear from an incredible 11-year-old girl from Chatham who has come up with a revolutionary car design which she hopes will one day be a reality.
The future of the University for the Creative Arts campus in Rochester has been raised in the Commons.
And, karts have been back on the race circuit at Buckmore Park in Medway with key workers taking a place on the grid as it reopens.