Podcast: Teachers strike over death threats, racism and violence in Sheppey school

Teachers at the Oasis Academy on Sheppey say they’ve suffered death threats, racism and violence from students

Sites in Minster and Sheerness have been forced to close as staff take to picket lines following a number of frightening incidents. 

Also in today’s podcast, after the backlash over a decision to house London families in a block of flats in Medway, the local authority will now be allowed to use some of the apartments as temporary accommodation. 

There had been concerns over the impact an influx of extra people would have on local services. 

Hear from a Kent councillor who says multiple road closures are costing businesses thousands of pounds in lost trade and leaving residents angry and frustrated. 

People living and working in Preston, near Canterbury, say they’ve been forced to endure almost a dozen traffic diversions in the last 12 months. 

A former bodybuilder from Ashford says she’s desperate to take back control of her life as chronic illness leaves her bedbound and unable to walk. 

She has been searching for a diagnosis and has had to raise money to seek treatment overseas after being dismissed by doctors in the UK. 

And, a village which has been “isolated” after losing a vital bus service is now looking forward to a new transport link. 

However people are being urged to use the route from New Ash Green to Dartford as much as they can, as it’s running for a year as a trial.