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Podcast: Two people arrested after video shows baby being given a cap full of vodka

Two people have been arrested after a video was posted online showing a baby being given a cap full of vodka.

The footage shows a woman pouring liquid into the bottle top before tilting the child back and pouring the liquid into their mouth.

Hear what police and social services have said.

Also in today’s podcast, we’ve got an update on yesterday’s tragic death of a teenager at a funfair in Dover.

Environmental campaigners are worried more people will fall ill if sewage continues to be regularly released into the sea.

It comes after a couple and their dog came down with gastroenteritis following a swim at Hampton Beach in Herne Bay.

Hear from a spokesman from SOS Whitstable and we’ve got a response from Southern Water.

A community centre in Ashford says more people than ever are using their community fridge as we face a cost of living crisis.

The chief executive of Repton Community Trust has been speaking about the facility they run.

A fitness coach has vowed to carry on running sessions for young people on Sheppey – even though no one turned up to the first class.

Bulent Mustafa has been telling the podcast he’s hoping to get teenagers in Sheerness more active and help improve their mental health.

And, Kent’s Alessia Russo has spoken out about the need for young girls to be given more chances to take part in sport at school.

Fresh from her victory at the Euros, England’s super-sub from Maidstone says there could be some girls who want to get involved in football and other sports but don’t have the chance.