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Podcast: ’We came here for a better life, but it’s a misery…’

In today’s podcast, a dad from Brazil has had his tyres slashed, and a car and two motorbikes stolen, in what he says is a vendetta because they’re ‘foreigners’.

Marcelo Gomes and his family came to the UK for a better life but regularly get abused – being told to leave the UK as they “do not belong” here.

Our reporter, Juliana, has the details.


Also today, the KentOnline Podcast has been told 15% of the adult population in Kent – or more than 1 in 10 – are binge drinking.

Over 300,000 are also said to be consuming dangerous levels of alcohol.

We speak to Penny Williams, Chief Exec of the Kenward Trust.


It’s World Car Free Day. Schools, parents and teachers in Maidstone are being urged to join a project designed to improve air quality.

It’s called Pollution Patrol and is aimed at primary aged pupils. They’re taught where air pollution comes from, how it can affect our health and what can be done to reduce it.

We speak to Maidstone Green Councillor, Stuart Jeffery.


Plus, hear from the new co-chairman at Gillingham Football Club who says he’s working with the club’s owner to find an investor who can move the club forward.

Paul Fisher took over the day-to-day running of things at Priestfield last month when Paul Scally announced he was stepping back.

He’s been answering questions from fans.