Podcast: Whitstable paedophile targeted and blackmailed his victims by posing as a teen online

A  paedophile encouraged young girls to send him explicit photos before threatening to show the pictures to their parents or school if they refused his demands for more.

The Whitstable man targeted his many victims online, often posing as a teenage boy as he sent and requested indecent images.

Also in today’s podcast,  a Kent council is demanding answers over suspicions a London council is filling properties in its town with its homeless by offering “large incentives” to landlords.

Gravesham council claims the practice is putting “considerable pressure” on its housing services. 

A Kent woman has been telling the KentOnline Podcast about her experience with endometriosis – as a study’s found it now takes an average of 9 years to diagnose. 

The condition causes tissue similar to the lining of the womb to grow in other places, which can cause painful periods and infertility.

New plans have been revealed to build up to 200 homes a floodplain next to the M20.

The development, called The Nurseries, would be on a field along the A2070 Kennington Road

And in sport, hear from the Gillingham boss after their disappointing result against AFC Wimbledon in league 2. 

Stephen Clemence says he’s proud of the performance of his squad after they went down to ten men.