Breakfast Buffet

Episode 23 – Disney Deceit, Dull Desserts and Donkeys

Episode 23 has all of the best bits of kmfm Breakfast with Garry and Chelsea. This week began with Disney deceit as Chelsea revealed a hidden secret, the Coronation inspired a new breakfast feature ‘Ring for the King’ which went terribly wrong…and then right again! 

The royal fun didn’t stop there as Princess Anne’s handbag had a cheeky surprise, and the people of Kent rose to the challenge to vote for the DULLEST desserts in the UK. 

There was a Shrek theme to this week’s show as not only was it Donkey Day, but Chelsea decided to try out for Shrek 5. From full English Eurovision revenge to a paddling pool genius enjoy the feast in this week’s episode of the Breakfast Buffet Podcast with Garry and Chelsea.

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