Breakfast Buffet

Episode 27 – Beyonce’s Breath, Caterpillar Catastrophes and TikTok Tarot

Episode 27 has all of the best bits of kmfm Breakfast with Garry and Chelsea.

Garry started the week with an absolute mic drop regarding a HUGE nugget win, and there was a Whatsapp group chat crisis. 

Chelsea gave dating advice to you, the people of Kent surrounding beige flags and had a surprising prediction from TikTok tarot. 

There was a giant caterpillar invasion that has changed the game in the ongoing battle of the supermarkets and bathtime drinkypoo’s are a habit way more popular than you think. 

From a once in a lifetime Beyonce prize to one word tattoos and edible cups, munch on it all in this week’s episode of the Breakfast Buffet Podcast with Garry and Chelsea.

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