Breakfast Buffet

Episode 36 – Tamagotchi

Episode 36 has all of the best bits of kmfm Breakfast with Garry and Chelsea. 

This week Rob (in for Garry) and Chelsea teamed up with the people of Kent to get nostalgic about shops that no longer exist and Rob revealed a shocking story in the 6am games involving a stag do and some fire.

 If you think Chelsea is weird, then meet her friends (one in particular that does something very odd in the bath) and the Whatsapp Group Chat update caused havoc when a wardrobe was turned on its side. 

Taylor Swift has a very unusual concert request, Chelsea almost ate a napkin at a curry house in Rochester and Rob was in awe of a brand new way to shop at River Island in Bluewater

From Dr Date Little and adult chores to Gillingham FC feast on it all in this week’s episode of the Breakfast Buffet Podcast.

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