Breakfast Buffet

Episode 45 – Beckham, Bed Bugs and Breakfast Blunders

Episode 45 has all of the best bits of kmfm Breakfast with Garry and Chelsea.

The week started with the Conkerlympics, a brand new sport that requires far more skill than you think! Chelsea witnessed a Disney showdown and a surprising character won and the people of Kent were challenged to a game of Crack-A-Snack, can you figure it out? Garry shared his rage for Ryan Toys Review and serenaded Kent with a showbiz Strictly Sonnet. A supermarket zapper could be the key to working for a Premier League Football Club, bed bugs are causing chaos and everyone is getting excited about post. 

From embarrassing gym nakedness, porridge hacks and a shocking discovery about the Beckham documentary, feast on it all in this week’s episode of the Breakfast Buffet Podcast with Garry and Chelsea.

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