Breakfast Buffet

Episode 56 – Resolutions, Ticket Tongs and Babes in Armour

Episode 56 has all of the best bits of kmfm Breakfast with Garry and Chelsea.

First week back was all about rogue New Year’s Resolutions and a 3 peak challenge that’s perfect for you if you have a sweet tooth. Tigger has turned to the darkside and Chelsea’s family think she has no hope with love. Whatsapp group chat needed a review from elf and safety, ticket tongs are the latest business venture of the Breakfast Show and Chelsea had a shark surprise. From 16 year old achievements (shoutout to Luke Littler), weird and wonderful Christmas leftover combos and Babes In Armour, feast on it all in this week’s episode of the Breakfast Buffet Podcast with Garry and Chelsea.

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