Property Podcast

EP6: Navigating The Rental Market

Navigating the Rental Market

In episode 6 of the Property Podcast, we delve into the current state of the rental market with James Stefanie, Lettings Business Development Director at Arun Estates and Wards. We discuss:

1. The impact of COVID-19 on property rentals: How confinement led people to re-evaluate their housing needs and how this has affected supply and demand.

2. Tips for first-time renters: From understanding your budget to consulting with letting agents, learn what you need to know before entering the rental market.

3. Rental application process: Understand what landlords typically require from potential tenants including personal identification, proof of employment/income, references from previous landlords/employers and credit checks.

4. Tenant-Landlord relationship: Explore tenant rights and responsibilities concerning property maintenance and care as well as landlord obligations.

5. Rent negotiation & increases: Learn about rules regarding rent increases depending on your type of tenancy agreement (fixed term or rolling contract) and discover how to handle unfair hikes during renewal discussions.

Join us in this discussion that will guide both first-time renters navigating through the renting process as well as seasoned ones looking for a refresher course amidst unpredictable shifts in today’s rental market! 



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