Property Podcast

EP7: Property Renovation Insights

**Episode 7 – Property Renovation Insights**

In this enlightening episode, we delve into the world of property renovations with our special guest, Jonathan Carroll from Wards of Kent. We cover a range of topics including common renovation mistakes, planning strategies and emerging trends in home design.

Key Discussion Points:

1. **The Importance of Structural Soundness:** Before starting any renovation project, ensure your property is structurally sound – watertight and free from issues with the roof or walls.

   2. **Planning & Budgeting:** Prepare a works schedule along with a specific budget and timeline before commencing renovations.

3. **Task Sequencing:** Consider the sequence of tasks during renovations to avoid damage to finished interiors.

4. **Trend Awareness:** Stay up-to-date with current design trends when renovating homes for resale value enhancement.

5. **Choosing Colors**: Stick mostly to neutral tones which can be complemented by soft furnishings adding splashes of color if desired.

6. **Target Market Priorities:** Understand that different buyers have different priorities — first-time home buyers vs luxury property purchasers.

7. **Smart Home Technology Integration**: Incorporate smart devices based on target market preferences as they could make your property stand out to potential buyers

8.  **Energy Efficiency Upgrades**: Make properties more energy-efficient due to growing environmental awareness and stricter regulations without overspending

9 .**Dealing With Older Properties**: Be aware of unique challenges such as poor ventilation leading potentially to dampness or rot issues which should be investigated thoroughly through surveys before purchase.

10 .**Checking Property History**: Check for past problems or insurance claims related to the property especially in areas prone subsidence

11 .**Avoid Common Renovation Mistakes**: Avoid going over budget and cutting corners which can lead poorly executed results; also remember obtaining correct certification for significant alterations like garage conversions is crucial

12 .**Project Planning Tips**: Plan carefully before starting renovations including setting aside contingency funds for unexpected costs; get professional quotes beforehand from reputable tradespeople recommended by good reviews or trusted sources.

 Join us next time where we will continue to provide valuable insights into the Kent Property Market on The Property Podcast with Wards.