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EP8: Insights into Kent’s Property Market

Insights into Kent’s Property Market 


In this episode we dive into the appeal of Kent for property buyers and renters with guest Jennifer Woolley, Branch Partner at Wards. Key points discussed in the episode include:

1. **Kent’s Attraction:** A balanced mix of rural and urban living, excellent schools, locally sourced food options, easy access to London via train rides within an hour.

2. **East vs West Kent:** The suburban lifestyle offered by West Kent contrasted against East’s coastal living experiences.

3. **Redevelopment in Medway Towns:** Insights on growth in Rochester and Chatham from a local perspective; highlighting unique features like retail areas, historic dockyards etc.

4. **Comparison with Neighbouring Counties:** Similarities & differences between property markets in Sussex & Essex due to proximity to London; discussion about factors influencing buyer preferences – budget or desired lifestyle (coastal/rural/suburban).

5. **Price Differences across Counties**: Factors causing price variations among similar properties across counties; affordability aspects within different areas of Kent.

6. **Unique Homes in Kent**: Emphasis on historical heritage properties available throughout the county including grade 2 listed manor houses & barn conversions such as Preston Hall dating back to 1102 AD now converted into apartments.

7. **Potential Developments Influencing Property Values**: Importance of considering upcoming infrastructure changes that might affect property values positively (like road upgrades) or negatively (overdevelopment leading to overcrowding/competition); benefits brought about by new housing developments like new schools/doctors surgeries job opportunities etc.; advice on contacting local agencies for insights on potential impacts.

8. **Eco-friendly Housing Options**: Discussion around sustainable property trends focusing on carbon neutrality and energy efficiency featuring energy-efficient appliances/solar panels/air source heat pumps/car charging points.


For more insightful discussions about real estate market trends tune into our next episode!