EP1: Rainham Eco Hub: Where It All Began

Episode 1: Rainham Eco Hub: Where It All Began

Welcome to the first episode of the Rainham Eco Hub’s Tread Lightly podcast! In this special edition, hosts Kayleigh and Liz take a nostalgic journey back to the beginning of the Eco Hub, sharing the story of its launch during the first lockdown in 2020.

Join us as we reflect on the origins of Rainham Eco Hub, starting from a shared passion for the environment, but not really knowing what we could do.

Highs and Best Bits: Celebrate the milestones, highs and lows, that have made this eco journey memorable impactful and sometimes funny and frustrating.

Overcoming Obstacles: Hear about the challenges we faced, including imposter syndrome and the stumbles as we learned to run before we could walk.

The Next Chapter: Get a sneak peek into our exciting plans for the coming year, including new projects, collaborations, and our step into the world of podcasting and radio.

Hosts Kayleigh and Liz live in Rainham but are from TOTALLY different backgrounds. They’ve joined forces because they share a passion for making a positive impact on the environment.  Please do help us grow by rating and subscribing to The Rainham Eco Hub’s Tread Lightly  podcast!  

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