EP10: Jackie Weaver – Empowering Communities for Climate Action

Episode 10: “Jackie Weaver – Empowering Communities for Climate Action”

Welcome to the latest episode of the Tread Lightly podcast from Raynham Eco Hub! In this engaging conversation, hosts Kaylee and Liz sit down with none other than Jacqui Weaver, a name that became synonymous with local governance passion after her role in a viral parish council meeting.


Here’s what you can expect from this enlightening chat:


– **Viral Fame**: Discover how an ordinary Zoom meeting catapulted Jacqui into unexpected fame, leading to dance tracks and merchandise adorned with her catchphrases.

– **Local Heroism**: Learn about Jacqui’s longstanding commitment to local councils and how she champions community action on issues like climate change.

– **Overcoming Challenges**: Gain insights as Jacqui shares advice on handling difficult people when trying to implement sustainable changes.

– **Authority & Action**: Delve into discussions about authority—do we need permission or do we already have it? Find out how one can assertively make positive impacts within their community.

– **Pressing Pause on Noise**: Explore strategies for focusing amidst overwhelming environmental debates. How does one take meaningful steps without getting lost in the cacophony?

Listeners will not only get inspired by Jacqui’s journey but also walk away equipped with practical tips for making small yet impactful changes in their own communities. Whether you’re looking to step up in local government or simply want to live more sustainably, this episode is packed full of wisdom.

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