EP12: Embracing Sustainable-ish Living with Jen Gale

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Episode 12: Embracing Sustainable-ish Living with Jen Gale

In this episode, we have the pleasure of sitting down with the incredible Jen Gale, the force behind Sustainable-ish. With her podcast, training workshops, and website, Jen has become a beacon of guidance for those seeking to make meaningful environmental changes in their lives.



   Founder of Sustainable-ish, Jen Gale

   Podcast Host, Workshop Facilitator, and Environmental Advocate

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   – Jen discusses her personal journey and the turning point that inspired Kayleigh to really start on her journey into environmentalism.

   – The power of small, imperfect switches at home and understanding the collective impact.

   – Jen shares practical insights on how to understand the impact of everyday choices.

   – The significance of the ‘ish’ in Sustainable-ish for busy working individuals.

   – Strategies for staying positive on the sustainability journey.


Key Take-aways:

   – Importance of incremental changes and embracing imperfection.

   – Understanding the impact of individual actions on a larger scale.

   – The ‘ish’ factor: Making sustainability accessible for everyone.



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Let’s make a difference, one ‘ish’ at a time!

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