EP17: Eco Schools – Nurturing The Next Generation of Eco Champions


EPISODE 17: Eco Schools – Nurturing The Next Generation of Eco Champions 

Welcome back to Rainham Eco-Hub’s Tread Lightly Podcast! This week, Kayleigh & Liz are talking about the world of eco-schools and unravelling some of the secrets to kickstarting a sustainability journey within your school community. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or school administrator, PTA or even parent, this episode talks about the challenges of starting a sustainability project in a school, why it is important and offers some ideas and tips to make your school a shining example of environmental responsibility.

In this episode:

– Explore the incredible initiatives taken by eco-schools and the positive impact they’ve made on the planet. #GreenLearning

– Unlock practical strategies and innovative approaches to bring sustainability into every aspect of your school life. #SustainableEducation

– Hear inspiring success stories from schools leading the way in eco-friendly practices. #EcoChampions

– Learn about simple yet effective changes that can significantly reduce your school’s ecological footprint. #SmallActionsBigImpact

– Gain insights on engaging students, teachers, and parents in the collective effort towards a greener school environment. #TeamGreen


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