EP23: All About Allotments with Stuart Bourne


Episode 23: All About Allotments with Stuart Bourne

Join Kayleigh and Liz this week as they dive into the wonderful world of allotments with none other than Stuart Bourne, former gardener to The Queen and local community organiser. Get ready to unearth the secrets behind why allotments are not just good for us but also for the planet!

Ever wondered what it takes to maintain a royal garden? Stuart Bourne spills the soil on his experiences as the former gardener to The Queen and how it inspired his passion for allotments.

Discover the hidden treasures of allotment gardening and learn why it’s more than just a hobby – it’s a sustainable lifestyle choice that benefits both individuals and the environment.

From reducing carbon footprints to fostering community connections, Stuart shares insights on how allotments play a vital role in promoting eco-conscious living and strengthening local communities.

Tune in to this green-thumb special and dig deep into the world of allotments with Stuart Bourne! Don’t miss out – listen now! #TreadLightlyPodcast #AllotmentGardening #SustainableLiving #CommunityGardens #GreenThumb #RoyalGardener #EnvironmentallyFriendly #PodcastListeners

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