EP25: Nurturing Nature with Rev. Mike Nelson

Prepare to be inspired as Kayeigh and Liz welcome a true environmental champion to the show this week – Rev. Mike Nelson, the Vicar of Holy Trinity Church in Twydall! Join us as we delve into their journey of Holy Trinity Church’s commitment to stewarding God’s creation and their remarkable achievements in sustainability.

Hear Rev. Nelson’s reflections of creation and the responsibility Christians have as stewards of our planet. Rev. Mike Nelson leads the team, alongside Hayley Syms at Holy Trinity Church, guiding their path towards greater environmental consciousness and action.

Explore Holy Trinity’s participation in the Eco-Church scheme by A Rocha UK, where they’ve earned both bronze and silver accreditations. Discover how this scheme empowers churches to assess and enhance their eco-efforts in worship, community engagement, and everyday lifestyle choices.

Join the conversation and discover how Holy Trinity Church is leading the way in sustainable living and environmental stewardship!

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