Food Rebels

Capsicana et Moi

It’s a dinner match made in foodie heaven! The ultimate Latin American inspired food brand Capsicana delight us with some fajitas, with a delicious dessert of beignets from Moi Desserts.

Food Rebels

Seeds for Days

Join AJ Sharp and Georgie as they dive into the journey of Linwoods Health Foods with Patrick Woods. We learn about the journey from Patrick’s grandfather collect eggs from local smallholdings, to small local supplier to today, a leader in health foods, and discover the inspiration behind their new Overnight Oats.  Do you know the …

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Gut Loving Goodness

This week the rebels throw open the doors to the world of gut health and next-level energy! First up, we meet Monique Farquharson, founder of The Matcha Yaad. Monique hated matcha at first, but after a flavor explosion of Jamaican spices, she created a unique line of productivity drinks. Unlike coffee’s jittery highs and crashes, …

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Drink Well

This week on Food Rebels, we’re looking to the future of drinks!   Tom Bell, the rebel behind DrinkWell, joins us to discuss the changing landscape of wine in the UK. Tom’s marketplace champions bolder flavors and naturally lower alcohol by volume wines, inspired by trends in the US and Australia. Tired of sugary alternatives? …

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Sustainable Food Heroes

This week, AJ and Georgie are joined by two rebels on a mission to fight food waste and make our food system more sustainable.
James Eid, founder of Earth & Wheat, is the mastermind behind the world’s first “wonky” bread box. Earth & Wheat …

Nut Butter Flow

AJ is back in the studio after her Goldman Sachs MBA course! This week, she dives deep into the world of challenger brands with Georgie, dishing up all the best bits from her inspiring experience with this year’s cohort.
Joining them this week is A…

Rebellious Vines

It’s Sam Beeny’s last show with producer Georgie before AJ returns from completing her MBA and they’re chatting to two rebellious winemakers who clearly know their grapes.
Peter Constable from Warehorne Vineyard, Kent, is shaking things up in Engla…

Cold Brew & Cocktails

This week, Food Rebels producer Georgie and guest-presenter Sam Beeny dive head first into the world of coffee. They are joined by guests Theo Garcia, founder of SOLO Coffee, who is obsessed with making great coffee accessible for everyone, and Holly…

Condiments & Conscious Cooking

This episode is a flavour fiesta! We’re joined by Rachel Pynenburg, the condiment queen behind Miam Jars, whose creations unlock a world of deliciousness. Get ready for quick, easy meals bursting with excitement.
Plus, Frankie Paz, AKA Moody Mango,…