Breakfast Buffet

Episode 58 – Gladiators, Blue Monday and Lil Nas X’s Collar

So much this week…Blue Monday had a lycra forfeit for Chelsea and Garry has figured out a way you can get FREE CHEESE! Kent achieved Gladiator status, it might be the end for snorers and Lil Nas X’s collar caused some controversy. But did you know you could use an iron to heat up pizza?

Breakfast Buffet

Episode 57 – Who Owns The Bag Chips?

So much this week…a shocking discovery was made about Tom Hardy, people are wrapping pickles in cheese and Chelsea is convinced she can persuade Jason Momoa to visit Kent. From sausage roll inspiration, minor betrayals and an emu on the loose this episode wsa jam packed. But the question is…who owns the bag chips?

Breakfast Buffet

Episode 54 – Dickens, Facetime and Peach Fuzz

So much this week…the people of Kent committed horrendous roast dinner crimes and Chelsea saw WHO eating a cinnamon bun! Garry is ahead of 2024 trends (you need to get on board with peach fuzz) and you will never believe what you can do on Facetime!