Nut Butter Flow

AJ is back in the studio after her Goldman Sachs MBA course! This week, she dives deep into the world of challenger brands with Georgie, dishing up all the best bits from her inspiring experience with this year’s cohort.
Joining them this week is Alienor, the Founder of Nuccy; a range of four functional organic nut butters unlike any other. Inspired by the food culture in London and her newfound love for nut butters, Alienor decided to create her own line with a twist: Ashwagandha! An Ayurvedic herb and adaptogen known for it’s potential to reduce stress and anxiety, Alienor discovered its effects are amplified when consumed with natural fats – making nut butters the perfect partner.
Alienor’s journey with her brand is a testament to the power of experimentation and reflection, a theme that Georgie finds particularly relevant. Many food rebels born during the pandemic found a similar opportunity to pause and re-evaluate, and Nuccy is a shining example of a product born out of this time.
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