Podcast: Debt collectors called on Sittingbourne mum who tried to cancel her gym membership

A Sittingbourne mum has been left frustrated after being contacted by debt collectors due to an unpaid swimming membership she claims she cancelled months ago. 

She’s in an ongoing dispute with the centre who say she still owes them more than £75. 

Also in today’s podcast, you can find out why more than 80 pupils who passed Kent Test have been left without a grammar place

Experts say the figures show children have been “badly let down by the system” and fear the numbers will only increase in the coming years.

A woman from Maidstone has criticised the support from doctors after her daughter had surgery to remove one of her ovaries. 

The 15 year-old went into hospital with a 10-centimetre cyst but the operation ended up being more serious than initially expected.

A council’s crackdown on idling motorists has been branded “virtue signalling” as not a single fine has been dished out in the two years since it was launched.

Drivers had been warned they faced a £20 penalty notice for leaving their engines running while stopped. 

And Peter Andre has taken on an acting role in an upcoming feature film from a self-taught Kent director. 

The Mysterious Girl singer stars as a crime boss in action thriller Bullet.