Podcast: Lorry driver pushes pensioner over in A2 traffic road rage

A lorry driver has appeared in court after pushing over a pensioner during a road rage incident on a major Kent road.

You can hear the moment the driver steps down from the lorry to confront the 78-year-old after he pulled into the lane in front of him on the A2.

Also in today’s podcast, a mum from Hythe says she was labelled a “drug seeker” by medical staff despite being in “debilitating” pain because of  endometriosis. 

She was diagnosed with the condition – which affects one in 10 women – when she was 17 but was refused care when she went to A&E. 

An “immature” thug who barged into a Ramsgate home and threatened those inside with a meat cleaver has appeared in court. 

He’s been warned by the judge that his sentence is “not just a slap on the wrist”. 

Plans to expand a dental surgery to meet the growing demand for more NHS slots and relieve backlogs in part of Kent have been approved.

The owner of Kreate Dental says the dental care of some people if at risk of falling below the national standard. 

And animal rescue volunteers have been left stunned after almost 100 black cats were found abandoned in an empty property near Dartford. 

The group spent hours trying to catch as many of them as possible.