Packing a Flavour Punch

In this episode of Food Rebels, AJ is joined again by Dhruv Baker, on a flavour odyssey with two rebels from Ujamaa Spice and SuperPlant, two extraordinary purveyors of flavour that packs a punch. Ujamaa Spice takes the spotlight with their real spices, each with a unique single origin, offering a sensory journey where aromas and flavours vary from one batch to the next.

SuperPlant, on the other hand, is making waves with their delectable vegan bouillon powders, redefining the way we enjoy savoury delights. They’ve also introduced a healthier gourmet twist to the classic convenience food with their posh Pot Noodle. 

Sparks of creativity fly as Dhruv’s imagination runs wild with dessert ideas inspired by Ujamaa’s spices, while AJ is captivated by the rich and diverse flavours of SuperPlant’s products. Join us, as we unravel their delicious journeys.