Podcast: Man found dead on Gillingham roundabout was a rough sleeper who was due in court

The body of man who was found on a roundabout in Gillingham has been identified as a rough sleeper who was due in court. 

He was discovered by police after he failed to show up to face charges of arson and harassment.

Also in today’s podcast, a teenager has been sent to prison after an argument on social media erupted in gun and knife violence in Faversham.

The frightening scenes were caught on CCTV and some of it was witnessed by an 11-year-old girl from her bedroom window. 

Town centre traders say plans to increase parking charges in Sittingbourne would be “another nail in the coffin” for shops. 

Local bosses are hoping to up the price of parking in bid to boost revenue. 

Hear reaction from local business owners over plans to introduce 20mph speed limits in Sevenoaks. 

A public consultation is underway as council look to reduce the number of serious injuries the roads. 

And Aldi have announced when they plan to open their new £9 million store on Sheppey 

A spokesperson for the discount chain says construction on the building is progressing well and when it’s done it will be a third bigger than the previous site.