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EP10 : More housing, more traffic and more problems with the Port of Dover / Cllr Kevin Mills


Episode 10 – More housing, more traffic and more problems with the Port of Dover / Cllr Kevin Mills

Welcome to the latest episode of the Kent Politics Podcast, where we unpack pressing political issues from a Kent perspective. In this installment, we delve into Maidstone’s controversial housing plan, discuss health and social care integration in Medway and Swale, explore traffic woes in Sittingbourne due to rampant development activities, and analyse the potential impacts of new EU entry-exit systems on local travel.

Key Highlights:

Maidstone Housing Plan: Over 17 years, Maidstone Borough Council has allocated spaces for over 17,000 homes despite opposition. The Invicta Barracks site is set for redevelopment with significant developments at Lidsing and Lenham Heath also proposed.

Medway & Swale Health Initiative: A new scheme aims to improve residents’ living standards by integrating services across sectors like healthcare and education. The focus is on preventative measures to ease NHS burdens.

Sittingbourne Traffic Troubles: With an influx of housing developments comes increased roadwork leading to severe traffic congestion. Residents express frustration as daily life gets disrupted.

EU Entry-Exit System (EES): Concerns are raised about how these new border control measures could lead to long delays at ports come October. Local leaders fear a permanent Operation Brock scenario causing gridlock throughout Kent.

Special Guest: Dover District Council Leader Kevin Mills discusses his trade union roots leading into politics; challenges facing Dover including port operations amid Brexit changes; tackling illegal immigration; and skepticism around Rwanda deportation plans as a deterrent measure.

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