EP19: Navigating Eco Friendly Holidays


Episode 19: Navigating Eco Friendly Holidays

Welcome to another episode of Tread Lightly, the podcast that explores sustainable living with our busy lives and so much to think about.  Today Kayleigh & Liz focus on taking holidays with an environmental perspective.

In the episode we talk about:

Balancing Act: Discussing the challenge of balancing the desire for enjoyable holidays with the need to be eco-conscious.

Challenges: Exploring common challenges faced when trying to make holidays more sustainable.

Solutions: Providing thoughts and ideas to help explore sustainable holiday options.

Remember that small shifts in our choices can lead to more sustainable and enjoyable holidays.


Today’s podcast heroes are:

Youth Hostel Association (YHA):

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Whatley Manor:

Website: [Whatley Manor](

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RSPB’s Working Holidays:

Website: [RSPB Working Holidays](

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 Twitter: [@Natures_Voice](

Instagram: [@RSPB_Learning](

Waterway Recovery Holidays:

Website: [Waterway Recovery Group](

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Twitter: [@wrg_navvies](

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Website: [InterRail](

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Duke of Edinburgh:

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