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Podcast: Bosses at De Bradelie Wharf in Dover say revenues are down 40% since RingGo-only parking payments were introduced

Bosses at a shopping centre in Dover say they’ve suffered a 40% drop in revenue since RingGo was introduced as the only way to pay for parking.

Machines at the site have been removed and customers have to use an app or make a phone call.

Our reporter Sam Lennon has been speaking to the centre manager and some customers – you can also find out how he got on parking there.

Also in today’s podcast, an invention by a Kent woman which could help with the early detection of breast cancer has won a leading award.

Dotplot uses sound waves to check the breast tissue – the data is stored in an app and the user is alerted if there are any significant changes that need investigating.

The Kent MP who stood against the new Prime Minister during the Tory leadership contest has been given a job in government.

Tonbridge and Malling’s Tom Tugendhat is now minister for security. Hear from our political editor Paul Francis.

A Chatham man diagnosed with HIV says it’s important people realise it’s no longer a death sentence.

Steve Bamford was told he had the virus after being admitted to hospital with pneumonia in 2018.

He’s been sharing his story and explaining how he’s trying to raise awareness.

And in sport, Kent’s Alessia Russo scored for England last night as they completed their Women’s World Cup qualifiers with an incredible 10-0 win.