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Podcast: Driver taken to A&E after car crashes into the front of Darent Valley Hospital

A car has crashed into the front of a hospital building near Dartford.

It happened at Darent Valley earlier this morning.

Hear from our reporter who has been to the scene.

Also in today’s podcast, the new Prime Minister has announced a cap on energy bills in a bid to help families struggling with the rising cost of living.

Help has also been offered to businesses over six months.

We have reaction from Canterbury Food Bank and the chief exec of the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce.

Police in Kent say they’ve dealt with a record number of reports of young people who’ve had intimate photos of them shared without their consent.

There were 38 cases last year involving under 18s – which is the highest since new laws designed to tackle the issue came into force seven years ago.

Hear from Childline which has launched a service to help young people have images removed from the internet.

A Sitingbourne woman’s spoken about the moment a fire swept through her home – leaving her with just her nightdress, address book and pet dog.

Deirdre O’Neil managed to escape the blaze which broke out at the property on Sheppey Way in Iwade last week.

There are calls for a cat that’s been left in an abandoned house in Gillingham, to be rescued and given a proper home.

The pet was left behind when the tenant was evicted from the property on School Avenue six weeks ago.

And, a driver’s taken advantage of a Kent town centre’s new water feature – by using it as a free car wash.

Footage at KentOnline shows the black Audi getting a rinse from the giant metal rings recently installed in Dover’s refurbished Market Square.