Podcast: Kent women stranded in holiday hell after air traffic chaos

Four women from Rochester say their dream getaway has turned into the holiday from hell after being stranded in Spain. 

Their travel plans have been thrown into chaos after this weeks air traffic control issues and have had to battle to get home. 

Also in today’s podcast, a family from Margate say their desperate to get their dog back after it was seized by police. 

The American Bully was taken away after it “nipped” a delivery driver on the hand. 

A community in Dartford has shared their outrage as a children’s play park is repeatedly targeted by urinating vandals

They’re now calling on the council to step up their response. 

A woman who lives near Tenterden says she was horrified to come home and  find part of her house missing. 

A passing lorry had snagged a power cable and taken a chunk of the property with it. 

And a head teacher from a school in Sittingbourne has had to defend her decision to throw away unwanted books.

It comes as a passer by says they were shocked to see books in such good condition dumped in a skip.