Podcast: Margate man posts video of arrest on Tik Tok after crime spree

A Margate thief who went on a one man crime spree has filmed his arrest and posted it on Tik Tok. 

Over the course of six months he terrorised shops and attacked police – his video has racked up thousands of view on social media. 

Also in today’s podcast, we have a full list of the Kent schools impacted by the crumbling concrete crisis. 

Students across the country are facing disruption to the new school year over fears some buildings could collapse. 

A Chatham woman who has spent the last 14 years trying to get an alleyway overgrown by bramble and bushes cleared is calling on neighbours to do it themselves. 

No-one has been willing to take responsibility for the maintenance of the walkway and locals say it’s become a dumping ground. 

A mother and daughter team who run an ice-cream shop in Dymchurch say they fear for the future of their business if they can’t stay open for longer. 

The owners say they’re missing out on trade by having to close at 5pm and have applied for permission to stay open until 10pm. 

And in sport, a disappointing day away for Gillingham after they suffered defeat in their League 2 clash at Grimsby Town. 

You can hear the reaction of manager Neil Harris.