Podcast: Suspected foul play after exotic animal let loose from conservation centre near Sevenoaks

An exotic animal is on the loose after escaping from its zoo enclosure – and we’re being warned not to approach her. 

The Tayra – a weasel-like mammal from Central America – was discovered missing from the Hemsley Conservation Centre on Sunday. 

Also in today’s podcast, drivers have had their say on a new £650k turbo roundabout as work comes to an end.

Some claim the redesign of the Running Horse Roundabout in Maidstone is a waste of money, while others believe it has significantly reduced queues.

The KentOnline Podcast has heard from an Ashford man who lost his father and uncles after they were given contaminated blood products. 

He’s reacted to the release of yesterday’s report which found the infected blood scandal was no accident, and successive governments have tried to cover it up. 

A Walderslade dad-of-two has been told he has weeks to live following a three-year fight with cancer.

He was first diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2021 before it spread to his stomach and lungs – he’s now been told the cancer is too aggressive to try further treatment. 

And an ex-convict says she has been given a “second chance” after a plant project in Cranbrook helped her get a bank account and roof over her head.

She was released this year and has since been working for The Glasshouse – they have an exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show.