EP26: Family Activism with Our House of Green


Episode 26 – Family Activism with Our House of Green

Welcome to the final episode of Series One of Rainham Eco-Hub’s Tread Lightly Podcast!  Join us for an inspiring conversation as Kayleigh and Liz sit down with Kelly from House of Green, a family run social media page, based in Minster, Sheppey, joined by her beautiful friend Jess from Posies book club! In this heartwarming episode, we explore the journey of family activism and how Kelly and her loved ones are making a difference in their community and beyond.

Join us as we discuss sustainability as Kelly shares her experiences and insights on how they’re focusing on what they can do as a family to lead more sustainable lives. From reducing meat consumption to embracing homegrown produce, they’re challenging themselves in every aspect to prioritise the planet.

Discover the power of education and awareness as Kelly and Jess discuss the importance of reading environment-related books to their children, instilling a sense of responsibility and care for the Earth from a young age. If you are local to Sheppey, look out for the next surprise book hunt.

Kelly’s wisdom reminds us to celebrate the small victories and recognise the efforts we’re already making, rather than dwelling on what we haven’t yet achieved. Together, we can make a difference by inspiring and supporting one another in our journey towards a greener future.

Let’s cheer each other on as we make small, meaningful changes in our lifestyles to protect the planet for ourselves, wildlife, and generations to come.

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