Breakfast Buffet

Episode 31 – Sheepinis, Lolly Lols and Wheelbarrow Wanders

Episode 31 has all of the best bits of kmfm Breakfast with Garry and Chelsea.

The week started off with a shocking discovery about Gen Z involving the nations favourite…dippy eggs! 

Capeesh took a whole new meaning on kmfm Breakfast and Chelsea got us all questioning wheelbarrows. 

The people of Kent shared their shallow reasons for breaking up with people and some of the most memorable freebies as a kid (Coco Pops cereal bowl anyone?) 

Garry tried to drop a hint about loud colleagues and challenged Chelsea to a game surrounding punch lines ‘Lolly Lols’. There was a gossip filled update on Whatsapp Group Chat, a cheeky seagull causing chaos in the crisp aisle and everyone was confused as to how exactly bubble wrap is delivered? 

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