Breakfast Buffet

Episode 70 – Beaver News, Hedgehog Surprises and Porcelain Pigeons

Episode 70 has all of the best bits of kmfm Breakfast with Garry and Chelsea.

This week began with some drama darlings, to celebrate ‘World Theatre Day,’ and Chelsea had a surprising secret skill. We found out what you were helpful with as a kid and the ‘Whatsapp Group Chat’ had an exciting new member…a porcelain pigeon! Animals took over the Breakfast Show this week with Beaver news and hedgehog surprises, and Kim Kardashian’s pants caused a bit of a problem! 

Chelsea couldn’t get hold of her boyfriend, and Marcus Rashford is to blame. If you’re having a baby, Garry may have found something to delicious to stock up on! 

From Easter Egg hacks to rim block and limescale, grab a plate and load up from the kmfm Breakfast Buffet Podcast with Garry and Chelsea.

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